Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Layout - Waiting on UPS

I'm still waiting on UPS. Y'all have me so excited.

My layout focuses on the corner of TN/NC/VA and with a little imagination KY. I like Clinchfield and ET&WNC (Tweetsie) around Johnson City, TN. I think I have decided on Fall in the late 40s. That would make the RRC, Sawmill, and coal perfect. Foss might have to be on a lake. Anybody know of an avaliable coal operation of the quality of SW? The area had lumber, coal, narrow guage, and eventually chemical.

My only struggle is I love to go up to Jonesbourgh, TN and take pictures of the town (oldest in TN) with the CSX intermodals rambling through or over toward Gate City and capture the NS coal train headed from VA and KY. I'd miss that if I do strictly 40s but I love the structures, images, and steam of the period of the RCC? Since time kind of left its mark on this area I have considered sticking with the structures of 40s in some areas and doing modern in other parts. It is amazing to me how many of the buildings in this area are still of that period. I have to take the digital out and capture the station and warehouse with a sign for 'Arthur's Loan - Pawn Broker fading on the outside.
Hope I didn't ramble too much, reading about your progress has already helped my planning.

Well back to the inventory of my tools in the shed. The UPS woman brought a computer today and I was bummed.

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