Saturday, November 08, 2003

Fine Scale Discovery

I'm just jumping in. I havn't built anything in a numbers of years and then nothing as complex as the craftsman kits. Now, in my lurking, you have inspired me and I am going to build SierraWest RailRoad Camp.

While I am reassembling tools and buying supplies I want to read a Finescale construction book. I have Frary's stuff (Realistic, 303 etc) but to me it is to modeling what landscaping and painting is to constuction. I'm looking for the carpentry manual to remind me of the basics and guide me in the way of more advanced stuff with an eye eventually to scratch building not plastic kits.

Off to the tool shed to find my rusting tools. By the way nice job on the shed guys it doesn't even leak. Bet you made sure of that, didn't cut anybody any slack. The shed is by that empty field of dreams where one day the sawmill will be. Right? :)

I really enjoyed the discussion of the building of the camp! Mine should arrive Monday."

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